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Introducing Tinder Pro

As business case during the MBA, we introduced TinderPro, an enhanced version of Tinder with new business model based on the sale of geolocated services through affiliate marketing programs. Customers would be able to use location based services, facilitating the organisation and preparation of their meeting (hairdresser, nail salon, restaurant, ...)

Affiliate marketing partners are:

Hult MBA 2014 / Team 4 prepared a business case and action plan for Tinder App on

How it works

One stop shop for social encounters


TinderPro is an enhanced version of Tinder. By adding new complementary services to improve the face to face experience we aim to generate sustainable long-term revenue.



Users would be able to use services based on location, facilitating the organisation and preparation of their meeting (hairdresser, nail salon, restaurants, ...)


Business Model

Generating revenues through referral based leads, we'll maintain the free front end model for the application


Business Size

We estimatate to generate £43.8 Million in annual profits* on a base of 10 million matches a day


Location based services

Partnerships with proven, outsourced services

What's around you?

Once ready for the dating the app suggests some nearby option. All services suggested are provided from affiliates marketing programs.

Real time data

Affiliate marketing programs provide real-time data from managed services (eg. reviews, prices, availability)


Offering to meet needs

Providing complementary services around our core offering to meet the demands of our core segments

Range Feature

As for the Tinder search, the user can change the distance range.

Affiliate Marketing Model

A mini guide to your app with hot spots. Click on the icons to see more more details.

Thanks our partners affiliation programs, users can make reservations services via our app

Restaurants Booking

Top table is one of many applications that allows restaurant reservations. The affiliate is paid a commission on leads or booking generated. Multiple revenue streams to maintain the free front end model for the application

Hotel price comparison

As well as per restaurant's booking, the hotel reservation feature will provide to users a wide range of offers coming from aggregate database of Hotelscombined metasearch. Each lead is paid between 0.5 c 1.50 £

The one stop shop

will differentiate Tinder's place in the marketplace
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A simple and intuitive user experience

Infinite Swipe – maintain the game-like qualities while ensuring user interactivity. One stop shop for all our users' dating needs direct to their handset with on demand, always on information.


3 "Fields of Play"

The same concept can be declined for business networking and leisure activities

Business networking or Leisure

Extending the offer to different segments, such as the business networking or leisure, Tinder becomes only app with this functionality

Who needs it?

Travel a lot for work? Feel sometimes like you want to have a drink with someone just like you that is actually physically close to you? Want to hit the gym with someone on your business trip? Log in and find professional travelers that looks for the same activities you do!

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Team 4
Hult MBA
London 2014


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